I am so happy you have found gladsome!  At its core gladsome is a weekend retreat to nourish your creative spirit, yet it is so much more!  

For some women the weekend brings a new insight or understanding, others experience a profound transformation in a part of their lives, still others explore art and expression in ways they never thought possible.  Every woman spends time renewing her own creative gifts.  All of this happens in a supportive and warm environment in the company of compassionate, interesting, and insightful women.  

The participants are diverse and come from many different ages and stages in life.  Their creative gifts are varied as well; whether it is writing, crafting, photography, parenting, homesteading, sewing, painting, cooking, or professional pursuits, each participant has the opportunity to reflect on creativity in her own life and support each other in creative exploration. 

There is great food, much laughter, meaningful sharing and a perfectly designed schedule for you to create, reflect, and connect.

I hope you want to be part of this extraordinary experience!  Please join us for gladsome 2018

All my best,